Poster Session

Poster Session - Walkway of Discovery Poster presentations have provided a unique opportunity for scientists and research scholars to share their innovations and research in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology among industry, research centres and potential investors. The quality of the posters presented during the event were well appreciated not only by the evaluation committee but the visiting fraternity of senior scientists as well.

This year at Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020, the poster presentations will be aimed at showcasing frontier breakthrough ideas in the field of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and in helping execute these ideas by providing the authors a stage with the most diverse and influential audience in the scientific community.

Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020
encourages applications from research scholars, scientists and technocrats to share their research, innovations and projects through POSTERS – A Walkway of Discovery.

General Information:

  • The registration fee should be made in Indian Rupees (Rs.2500/- plus GST as applicable) for an Indian poster delegate and in US Dollars (USD 65 all inclusive) for an International poster delegate.
  • On registering at a special rate of Rs.2500/- plus GST as applicable per head, both the Author & accompanying Co-author of the poster are entitled to attend Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020 Conference, Exhibition and the Inaugural Function.
  • Students are not entitled to attend the Networking dinner.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • The content of selected posters will be printed in the Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020 Poster Document by way of abstracts, which will be distributed to all the delegates of Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020.
  • POSTERS – A Walkway of Discovery offers an opportunity for recognition within & outside the scientific community and to be awarded for the Best Posters

 Note: The special discounted rate is applicable only for students. Research scholars & scientists wishing to attend all the activities in Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020 may kindly register as a delegate.

Guidelines for Entry:

  • Topics should be related to academic research or a potential new product or process, which could potentially provide solutions to, or tackle, unanswered challenges with the basis of the solution incorporating Nanoscience & Nanotechnology.
  • Poster abstracts should outline the issue the R&D effort intends to address and, if applicable, identify potential commercial possibilities.
  • Posters with a predominant 'Innovation' component will be given preference.
  • Prospective participants, who have submitted their poster papers last year which were not accepted, need not submit the same paper again unless substantial additional research has been done.
  • Posters should be of original research. Please do not send general articles based on a literature survey.
  • Applicants should submit a Poster Application Form within the deadline of 25th February, 2020 for consideration.
  • An advisory committee of professionals will evaluate the posters submitted and advise the organizers about their acceptance. Organizers have no responsibility to convey to the authors about the rejections or reasons for the same. To prepare for questions from the judges, competitors should keep in mind the diverse background/fields of specialty of the judging panel.
  • All information should be submitted in its final, edited print-ready format as this information will be used for printing. Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020 is not responsible for content or editing of submitted information.

Abstract Specifications:

  • Abstract should be composed on a computer using MSWord in Arial font.
  • The Title should be 14pt (bold) font. Rest of the matter should be 12pt font.
  • The name of the author presenting the paper should be underlined.
  • The sub sector of Nanotechnology under which contents of the paper fall has to be mentioned (e.g.: Nano in Energy, Clean Water, Food & Agriculture, Medicine & Healthcare, Industry, Environment, Aerospace, etc.)
  • The affiliation/names of institutions of the authors should be given just below the names of the authors.
  • The text of the abstract typed should not exceed one page.
  • The abstract should include brief objectives of the work. The results should be presented along with the necessary brief interpretation. The abstract needs to be concluded with an inference on the outcome of the study.
  • A soft copy of one page abstract in MS Word format, CV of lead author & the poster Application form should be emailed to Ms. Prabha at (or) duly fill out the online submission form and submit it before the last submission date.
  • Acceptance for presentation is subject to review by the technical committee. Prior acceptance by this committee is a pre-requisite for presentation in the Poster.
  • The selected members would have to make their own arrangements for travel & stay for participating in the poster presentation.
  • The participants must ensure that at least one of the members is available near their presented poster between 09-30 hrs and 17-00 hrs over the 2-day conference.
  • The aspirants are encouraged to send their abstracts through their respective institutions, though it is not obligatory.
  • Contact details of Lead-author & Co-author presenting the Poster should be provided

Poster Display Specifications

The poster MUST include the following:

  • Title
  • Names of author(s) and affiliated organization(s)
  • Abstract (brief summary of objectives, methods, results, and conclusions)
  • Background Information
  • Project Objectives
  • Materials and Methods
  • Results (tables, graphs, charts)
  • Conclusions
  • Discussion of possible future directions or why project is complete

The poster MUST abide by the following:

  • Posters will have to be affixed to a display board either with soft pins or double sided tape.
  • The poster presenter will have to prepare the poster to comfortably fit the allotted space of 3 feet by 3 feet.
  • Authors must include the provided header and footer in their poster(s).
  • All illustrations and text must be readable from a distance of 3 feet.
  • Your poster must be able to fit in the allotted space.
  • Please allow for a one-inch border on all four sides for a distinctive appearance and to avoid merging with other posters.
  • Use of tables, graphs, diagrams, photos etc. is welcome and will add to the clarity and aesthetic appeal of the poster.
  • Please ensure that all the text matter is not less than 24 font size.
  • Kindly put in the contact details at the bottom right side of the poster

Abstract Review

A technical committee will review abstracts received and select presentations for display at Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020. Applicants will receive official notice of acceptance via e-mail. Once the official notice is dispatched the selected presenter has to acknowledge the receipt of the communication and confirm his/her participation. Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020 reserves the right to review and approve or reject any application to present a poster at the Bengaluru INDIA NANO 2020

A team of senior industry and scientific professionals will evaluate the displayed posters and recommend some of the best for awards/merit certificates.

NOTE: As all accepted abstracts and presentations would be published and be publicly accessible, we suggest that you take care not to unduly expose confidential information in your own interest.

Ms. Prabha Sharon
Poster Co-ordinates
Bengaluru INDIA NANO
Mob: 91-99167 85005



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