Bengaluru India Nano Conference will connect leading applied research and early-stage innovations from academia, government labs, and startups with industry end-users, funding agencies and venture capitalists. The 2022 Bengaluru India Nano event includes the International Trade show and Expo, Industry Interface event, Start-up Pitch, Panel discussions with leading industry experts on nanomanufacturing and Nano SparX awards.

The Industry Interface event will be between Industry and Academia with participation from industry experts, scientists and technopreneurs. This multifaceted experts' panel come on to a single platform to showcase and discuss new initiatives in nanomanufacturing and the way forward. Attendees will also hear from academic nanotechnology centers and facilities on how they can leverage the ecosystem for innovation and growth.

Every year since its inception in 2002, the conference has grown in both scope and audience. The flagship nanotechnology conference of India, Bangalore Nano no longer exclusively focuses only on academic research, although showcasing academic research remains one of the attractions. Bengaluru Nano now includes participation from investors, venture capitalists and business executives interested in leveraging the Indian research ecosystem to drive cutting-edge innovation for the global arena.

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