Pre-Conference Tutorials

A well-received component of the event, the Pre-Conference Tutorials offered quick and inclusive grasp of cutting-edge Nanotechnology to the Delegates to develop higher skills in their respective areas.

The Pre-Conference Tutorials will be on:

  • Nano Fabrication Technologies Part - I
  • Nano Fabrication Technologies Part - II
  • Nano Medicine
  • Nano-Imaging

Nanoscience was not an industry unto itself, but a science of many avenues of application offering possibilities that could redefine the direction of several industry sectors. The Nanotechnology Pre-Conference Tutorials was an excellent opportunity to get insights on the latest trends and discoveries in the Nanotech Sector.  It was a very essential platform for those who had graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Science or Engineering / a Doctoral Student / a Post-Doctoral Researcher, focusing in this frontier research area.

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