Nano SparX

Objective: To encourage and enthuse young students to think about innovative solutions based on Nanotechnology for any problem of social relevance. This contest is about ideas that can be pursued for feasibility study within a short time.

Who is eligible: All students from college level to PhD

The Contest:
1) Submit your idea in the form of a document not exceeding five pages with the following contents:

     Statement of the problem: Clearly state the problem that the NanoSparX idea is supposed to solve: The statement of the problem must also include the significance and social relevance of the problem

  Statement of the idea that is expected to address the problem: This statement has to be followed up by some details of the technological solution proposed basis for thinking that the proposed technology is feasible (including sanity checks that it does not violate known physical laws), and a flow chart showing that the proposing team has thought through a plan of how the required technological solution could be achieved. The description must include schematics or other relevant diagrams, equations and calculations where applicable

  Timeline: A time chart showing how much time the team will need to establish the feasibility of their solution. This is not expected to be a cut-and-paste of some PERT chart for a research project. The innovative thought process must be reflected in the zeal to establish feasibility in the shortest possible time

   Resource requirements: Provide a budgetary estimate of what resources are required to establish feasibility


2) Presentation: If your idea is shortlisted, then be prepared to present the idea within a strict time limit of 10 minutes and an additional five minutes for a rapid question-answer session.

3) Reward: The top two ideas will be given a cash prize. The Award Committee will also suggest mentors for the winning teams to take the ideas forward for funding and implementation.



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